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"I don't think it should work that way but it definitely gets you noticed."
— One of the first interactions with Albert in 2011.

Jacob "Jake" Green (commonly known as Jayingee) (born November 29th, 1995) is a long-time friend of Albert.


Jake looks to be just a little taller than Albert whilst also being pretty buff like Albert. He has short brown hair with a little side hair and a moustache. As a kid, he a little black hair going down to his forehead a little while wearing rounded glasses and slanted ears.


Jake has always acted similar to Albert ever since they started doing collaborations. Back when he was on the AlbertsStuff channel, he acted in a similar way to Albert but a little less swearing. He then started to act more energetic and more family friendly due to the loss of ad revenue at the time. After Albert and Jake parted ways, he has stayed relatively the same as he was when he and Albert did collabs on the Flamingo channel.


Jake "Jayingee" Green was born on November 29th, 1995, in the United States of America. Jake started playing the sandbox game "Roblox" in 2011 under the name "Jayingee," where he met Albert for the first time in a group called "Team Bluesteel" which he owned. They both became friends after meeting each other.


On March 20th, 2017, Jake made his first video on the Jayingee channel based on the popular Roblox game (at the time,) Pokémon Brick Bronze. 8 days after, he made his first video collabing with Albert, which was daily until about February 2019 where they parted ways so Jake could pursue his own career. Despite them parting ways, they have became friends but don't do collabs as Jake was somewhat replaced by Kaden. On March 10th, 2020, a video called Albert plays ROBLOX with JAYINGEE was made where Albert and Jake finally reunite after a year and decide to play Apocalypse Rising 2. Currently, his YouTube channel is thriving in views with over 188,393,629 views in general and going to 900k subscribers.


  • He lives in Ohio.
  • He wrestled in high school.
  • He has changed his Roblox usernamed over 20 times.
    • 7 of them were "Jayingee."
  • In a Jayingee video called "WHY IS THIS ON GOOGLE," Jake comes across the old wiki and reads his page.
  • Himself, Russo, and ZNac are all part of the Roblox Video Star Program.
  • He was originally a lifeguard before switching to YouTube.



  • "My first name is Jacob, and my last name is NONEOFYOURNBUISNESS!"
  • "Had to remove a bunch of friends for a vid, sorry guys nothing personal!"