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Jai_ispretty was one of the first victims of Alberts messed up Salon game in I opened a ROBLOX SALON and made people UGLY... making her the first focused on victim.


Not much is known about her, all we do know is that she values her beauty and hates when it is ruined, as shown by her only words in the video. "Someone is hacking me"


  • Shortly after she stops getting focused on in the video, a similar looking girl named SofiaAC10 gets the focus.
  • She changed her face to that of the Classic Female v2's or Lindsey, meaning she was active a couple of weeks after the video came out, her status however now is unknown, though going off of badges she is still active.
  • Her description reads "Nay if u reading this do u have ur other ##### so we can call" we do not know who Nay is to this day.