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"next time let the VIP!!! BE MANAGER!!!!!!!!!"

jadopro231 is a player that appeared in I got him fired from Roblox manager….


Jadopro231 likely thought highly of himself before he was removed from the manager job, based on how he calls himself a VIP. He seems to become depressed after this. He didn't know who Flamingo was during the video (Albert was on his main account), so he likely doesn't know about his appearance.


Around the middle of the video, jadopro is seen as the manager of the pizza place. Albert tricks jadopro into standing in front of him, in a spot in between Albert and the "Remove Manager" room. Albert hits jadopro with a snowball, causing him to be knocked into the Remove Manager button. This makes him instantly lose the manager role, and Albert runs into the room and takes it. Jadopro is immediately depressed, asking "why". Albert uses a pizza box as a puppet to try to teach jadopro a lesson, "This capitalist society has made people do evil things in order to get ahead in life."

Soon after, he yells out the iconic line that starts this page. Albert begins acting supportive, as if he had always been the manager. Jadopro asks who the manager is, and Albert says "me". Jadopro immediately says "ew", and then CreepyBoyMaster125 calls Albert "gross". Jadopro begins typing an essay, and later leads Albert to his house on a "journey with many curves". He is found standing at the coast in the dark, to which Albert actually expresses concern momentarily.

Jadopro begins staring at a wall in the boxing room, and Albert feels bad. He gives jadopro Employee of the Day, but he seems to completely ignore it. Albert quits his job, and jadopro begins running towards it. Unfortunately, he passes out with excitement before he gets there and Albert gets the job back. After seeing what happened, jadopro begins whistling a tune of defeat. He attempts to die by going through the slot where the pizza boxes are sent out. Albert thinks he just passed out from exhaustion because of how long he has been working. Albert sees him staring at a wall again, and quits again. However, jadopro quits his job and runs away, causing the so-called "bad ending of the pizza place".