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JJOHagy is a Roblox player who debuts in I used Roblox admin to DRAW DISTURBING MESSAGES.... He created his account on June 14, 2017, and is an active player on Roblox.


I used Roblox admin to DRAW DISTURBING MESSAGES...[]

He is initially shown lifting weights weights on the ground, presumably making an odd sound to which Albert responds with "I will stomp on your throat, and make it so you can't make that noise anymore." He mocks him many times until he's had enough of the noises, and tries to ban him. As Albert fails to ban him, he resets him in an attempt to make the noise stop. JJOHagy tries to use the command ":kill Test" in order to kill albert but ends up failing. As the noise continues Albert tells JJO that "My life is a living nightmare because of you" and ends up kicking him. The only time he spoke was when he tried to kill albert using the kill command. The phrase being ":kill Test" mentioned before.


  • JJOHagy doesn't have any impact on the video, nor was he involved in anything in it. He was just present at the start of the video and later ends up getting kicked, in an attempt to make the odd noise stop, with Albert telling him "Go wait for babes in another server."
  • He likely hates/is embarrassed about the encouter in the video. The before mentioned friend (MaxMcWoodman) commented on this page showing a screenshot of himself asking JJOHagy about the video. JJO's response was somewhat aggressive. He threatened to unfriend MaxMcWoodman if he says something about the video ever again. Showing signs of trying to hide the fact that it happened. Or possibly just doesn't like it when people mention the encounter.
  • JJO most likely is not an English speaker judging by his grammar in his description and message he sent to MaxMcWoodman.