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"shut up lily"


- Itsdababybtw1234 to Albert after he begged to live

Itsdababybtw1234 is a pretty minor character with almost no lines. Although he serves as a minor antagonist in THE ROBLOX TRAILS...


  • Even though we don't see a lot what other players does in the game played here called the trials then we know itsdababybtw1234 is a good competitor making it early on every challenge.
  • Itsdababybtw1234 placed 3rd in the video.


His death was during the final 3, the game was called "trigger finger" and you had to click a certain place on your screen to stop the gun from shooting you. Amirammor and Albert beat him in the challenge, itsdababybtw1234 was too slow and got shot by the shotgun.