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''this is my avitar'' - its_maddie087

its_maddie087 was a user that was accused of copying Alberts avatar in Roblox admin ruins her... she'll never online date again 😔.


In the video, Albert said "I'm gonna use the oldest trick in the book" and went to replace his torso with the short jeans mesh making him look like he is inside of big jean shorts which was a reference to one of his older videos from 2019 called Turning NOOBS into WEIRD THINGS with ADMIN COMMANDS in which he does the same thing. Then notices Maddie and that she has jean shorts too. After that he approaches her and starts saying that Maddie copied him and that she needs to change. She then says "This is my avitar" (misspelling of "avatar"). After that 5 people came by. That includes max, Zach, tu_lokitha03, Valencia and Aiden. Max compliments Albert saying "Those are amazing" while Valencia and Aiden were telling Maddie to change. Zach hasn't said anything and tu_lokitha03 only asked if anyone spoke Spanish (in Spanish). Albert then used btools on Maddie to rip of her legs and she said "You're not my boss leave me alone". She then resets and her head tilted a little which made Albert laugh. When she respawns Albert continues saying "This is MY BRAND" and Maddie responds with "GO AWAY!". That made Albert mad so he got the gun and pointed at Maddie. She responded with "ingoring you". He shoots her legs off and Aiden comes back to see what is going on. Albert hides his gun and Maddie says "i hate you". Valencia also came back and Aiden said "hate is a very strong word". Maddie then resets and is never seen again in the video along with all the other people Albert met.


Shes uses the Denim Jacket with White Hoodie,Jean Shorts, her hair is the Baseball cap Cutie, and uses the woman face.