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Jardan Maron (known on Roblox as ItsJardon) is an account created by CaptainSparklez who appears in Showing a noob the DARK SIDE OF ROBLOX (with CaptainSparklez).


ItsJardon is the main account for CaptainSparklez, one of the most well-known Minecraft YouTubers who is known for the Revenge music video. When he first appears in Albert's video, he already has an understanding of Roblox as he created a channel for Roblox content (originally Fortnite.) In the video, Albert shows Jardon some Su tart sad story games. He shows him the sad story game and then goes into Ro-Bio and Albert shows him the game. Jardon has also posted a collab with Albert on his channel where they play games they didn't play in his debut on the Flamingo channel.


  • Showing a noob the DARK SIDE OF ROBLOX (with CaptainSparklez)