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Isamu is the deuteragonist of the Zo Zo Zombie! WebShow and the main protagonist of The Curse, An Roblox story game created by Albert's friends.


Isamu is a deuteragonist in the Zo Zo Zombie! YouTube show and he is Zo Zo's friend which appears in nearly every episode helping Zo Zo on his adventures.

The Curse Story[]

After Albert got sponsored by the Zo Zo Zombie! Show, he decided to go further rather than just advertise at the start of the video. He then hired his friends to make an Roblox story game called "The Curse" which was based on the Zo Zo Zombie! show and had Iwasu and Zo Zo Zombie as the protagonists.


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List of Appearances[]


  • Isamu's eyes in the cartoon are blue but in the Roblox game they are yellow.