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I hewe the stupid - ironwulf127


ironwulf127 was a noob that appeared in Albert the Roblox doctor

And has apparently "hewed the stupid" what ever that means.


He was first seen presumably sick and albert asked him what was wrong and wulf replied back "i hewe the stupid". Albert than asked how long he hewed the stupid he replied saying he heard it at the beginning. Than Albert went out of the room and shot absolutely nothing. Than albert came back inside and shot him at the head because it was a procedure.

Iron than proceeds to ask a staff member about hewing the stupid, the staff member replies that he is dumb, Albert than proceeds to shoot him again.

albert than tazes him and puts him in handcuffs but he says to albert again he hewes the stupid

but albert tells him to wait at the bus to get FREE ADMIN


"i hewe the stupid"

"for beginning i hewe the stupid"



"i hew the stupid"

"way i hewe the stupid"

"you kill me"

"ok i hew th stupid"


  • Hewing the stupid may be an imaginary disease (like a cooty) if not it may mean hearing loads of noobs
  • It is unknown for how long he has been waiting at the bus
  • His brain luckily got wrinkles and now has robux