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Imobesebutimcute is an account Albert first used in THE WEIRDEST ONLINE DATING in ROBLOX EVER.


Imobesebutimcute is an account Albert used for finding a man for him. He then joins MeepCity where he goes to the doctor and wants gender-affirming surgery but is declined at first; however, another doctor agrees to doing the masculinizing procedure. He went to many places to find a boy, but it fails badly all the time. Eventually, he found a guy named "johny" who wanted to date him. When he revealed to johny that he's a trans man, johny dumped him on the spot.



  • He was mentioned in the Roblox diss track against Julius Cole.
  • He proclaims himself to be "the transgender trendsetter".
    • In a way, this is reflected in the method used for his bottom surgery, penis transplantation, which has not been done in real-life transgender patients before.[1]