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Idiot noobs (scientific name: Idiotus Noobus) are a common species discovered in Life in Paradise,Island Life or other roleplay games made for dumb 3 year olds, they usually have biologically impossible characteristics and their names are usually nonsense or random letters or autogenerated usernames.


Not be confused with the classic noob, bacon hairs, or free avatar user, idiot noobs are usually players who wear free items AND possess low intelligence. Idiot noobs usually have cool clothing and absurdly huge muscles, if anything happens to their avatar. A disgusting, ugly, ferocious avatar is seen. Most noobs have a biologically impossible mix of rthro, regular and usually the Man/Boy or Woman body parts. They also have disturbing faces, which can predict the variant of the noob. They also have abnormal skin colors like green, purple, or pink.

Noob guide

A guide to noob faces (credit to Reddit user)


Classification guide to spotting the idiot noob


The average IQ of these players is usually 3 or less. Female noobs are more braindead than male noobs. Other feature linked to the IQ of the idiotus noobus species is

  • Poor spelling / grammar
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Not knowing how to chat (dead silent)
  • Running into objects
  • Using autocorrect words to type (infamous cases such as Loveyouroni and Arkainno)
  • Bad at competitive games
  • People have no clue what they are saying
  • Some noobs can have poor English and come from another country

Examples of the Idiot Noob species in the wild[]