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I made Roblox noobs think their account was being DELETED with ADMIN COMMANDS...


When Albert chose a comment idea saying "Make a death to see how Roblox noobs would react to their final minutes alive" he decides to do it in Life In Paradise and encounters an exploiter, Jake/Single and many others when he is trying to explain. He now sends a message saying "YOU HAVE THREE MINUTES TO LIVE BEFORE I SHUT THE SERVER DOWN", "YOU'LL ALL BE DELETED IN 3 MINUTES" And then three got censored and he trys to say it in words. Everyone was freaking out and everybody leaves the game, hoping to not get banned. When Albert jumps into the next server, he finds versaceswag3 in a different server who is from the last server. Albert sends another message to the game saying "This server will be shutdown and you will all be deleted", "After the countdown is over.", "After the countdown. All will be DELETED", like last time, people panic and try to leave or teleport to mountain, which would obviously not work against getting deleted. Another message by Albert, saying, "Say your last goodbye to everyone you met here". A girl says bye to her house and other stuff. Albert tries to convince Mike that he didn't do it and "what are we gonna do". Mike says "IT WAS YOU", "I SAW". Then Albert kicks everyone and goes to a different server. Albert goes to Bloxburger and sees what they are doing, Sophia says "I went a burger" and Albert agrees with that. After Sophie says that, Max goes "THE STORE I GANNA CLOSE PLEASE GET YOUR COMMAND AND GO". After that incident happened, Alberts puts blood on the floor, a table and vomit puddles on the chairs, he also changes the text of Bloxburger to "VOMIT". Alberts finds people rapping in a house for some reason, so he completely destroys the house by unanchoring it, Albert also found out that he can stretch the broken house by resizing it, which completely breaks the server, he also does it to the other houses, which breaks the server even more. After that happened, he finally fixed it. When a girl buys a house, Albert proceeds to let the house fall on her, the video also ends there.