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I got him fired from Roblox manager..... is a Roblox video uploaded by Flamingo. It consists of Albert playing Work at a Pizza Place and messing around.

In the first couple of seconds, the game wants Albert to choose a "Zoober" which is basically just a pet, obviously, Albert is confused on what a Zoober is, put picks the bunny on the right. Albert then walks into an oven in the kitchen until he realizes his Zoober is focused on someone else instead of him. Albert then opens the oven door and his character is burning to death, but his Zoober finally approaches him and starts smiling. Albert then questions something, but is distracted by the fact that his Zoober can go on his shoulder. The video then cuts to Albert delivering a pizza in a car, acknowledging the fact that his Zoober is moving very fast and able to catch up with his car's speed. The video then cuts to Albert questioning why a user, by the name of antpotatoe, got Employee of the Day. Albert then comments on how sad it is when his Zoober goes up to someone just for a brief second.

The video then cuts to Albert using the snowball to knock a user by the name of summermarcia5, into the oven and burn to death. Albert then steals the fire extuingisher and purposely doesn't use it on the burning user, He then gets put back to work by the manager, but he still has the fire extuingisher. Albert then heads back to the kitchen where summermarcia5 burns to death and he uses the fire extuingisher on her dead body. As soon as summermarcia5 respawns, Albert makes a comment on how her Zoober just watched her mother die. When summermarcia5 respawns, she uses the angry emoji to showcase her anger to Albert. Albert then gaslights her by saying "ur zoober hates you".

A couple minutes later, the manager leaves the game, and the manager job is now open, Albert, and a user by the name of IamMsBeats race for the manager job. Albert tries to use the snowball to slow her down, but it doesn't work and IamMsBeats gets the manager job.

Around 10 minutes later, the video cuts to Albert finally saying he "worked his way up" and that he is now manager. He then states that he thinks it was the old manager's bedtime, showcasing the time on his computer being 2:56 AM.

Albert then goes up to a user boxing the pizzas, named "Ronaldo", and Albert asks for his help. Albert then invites Ronaldo to his office to tell him what he wants from him. Albert then tasks Ronaldo to "get a woman on your car and drive her off the cliff of the ocean". Ronaldo reluctantly agrees, saying "Ok". Albert then eats some chips for a few minutes and finally asks Ronaldo if he has completed the mission. Ronaldo lies however, and says "Yesss". Albert then says "THANK YOU SO MUCH", and makes Ronaldo Employee of the Day. Albert obviously knows that Ronaldo is lying. Ronaldo then sends him a friend request, saying that he needs to change his avatar and Roblox will put him in a different server if he doesn't have someone added. Albert then tells Ronaldo that he has convinced him. But Ronaldo gets confused and says "No no I didn't plz", not knowing what convinced means. Albert then tries to make it more simpler for Ronaldo, by saying "I friend you". We do not know what happens next because the video cuts to Albert and someone else.

The video then cuts to Albert in the kitchen with another user by the name of Cinitrix, Albert then states that "No one's talked to this girl in like 5 minutes and she just screams WHAT". Albert then asks "What" questioning why did she randomly yell WHAT. Then, another user boxing the pizzas then yells, "we need more BOXES NOW!!!!!", and Albert asks why is everybody screaming at eachother.

The video then cuts to Albert next to the room where players can votekick the manager, with a snowball in his hand, he then asks the manager, a user named jadopro231, for help with something, but it doesn't attract jadopro231's attention. Albert then says "manager what is behind that door" and that attracts jadopro231's attention, saying "I'm the manager". The manager then goes in front of the votekick room, and while he is typing, Albert knocks him into the room on the votekick panel with his snowball, thus immediately removing jadopro231's managerial power. Albert then rushes into the manager's office to succeed Jado's role as manager.

Jado then asks "why', and Albert says that he is kind of sorry, and that he is just a bad person. Jado, in anger, then says, "next time let the VIP!!! BE MANAGER!!!!!!!!". Albert then allows Jado to go into his office, with Albert stating, "Look you can go in there all you want, but it's not gonna help. Look man, sometimes life sucks". With Jado coincidently replying with, "ok?". Albert then goes back into his office and puts Jado back to work.

The video then cuts to Albert back in the pizza boxing room with Jado and a user by the name of ZachAlex431. Zach then states "Nty ..I'm not having fun with Alex", then Jado, infront of Albert's office, asks "who the manager?", Albert then replies with "me" and "im the manager", Jado then says "ew", then Albert states that he is proud he did all of this, but then another user by the name of CreepyBoyMaster125 says "gross".

The video cuts once again to Albert once again in the pizza boxing room, Albert then sees a chat box with 3 red dots in the pizza delivery room, indicating that someone in that room is typing, Albert then suspects it is Jado typing, and Albert then opens the door to Jado typing, Albert then says "come on man, spit it out", then also states "everytime I see someone open that door I just see him there still typing, I'll give you back manager....maybe."

Then, a user by the name of ALPHA_Packleader76, who is a supplier, asks Albert for a raise, saying "I've been supplying this place and have had no recognition", Albert then puts the user back to work.

The video then cuts back to ZachAlex431, who is saying some stuff in the chat that Albert doesn't like, such as, "Fine *k-i-z-e-s Alex*". Albert then says "stop" and "just go cook a pizza".

The video cuts once again to Albert in the pizza place parking lot where Jado asks him to come, in which Albert does and follows him. Jado simply takes Albert to his home and vanishes out of thin air. The video cuts to Albert in somewhat of a forest right next to the pizza place, where Jado is standing, on break, Albert then throws a snowball at him, stating "we need to get you off the propety". The video cuts once again to Albert and Jado in the pizza boxing area, where Jado is simply just staring at a wall next to the votekick room, Albert then makes Jado the Employee of the Day just so he can stop staring at that part of the wall. Instead of looking at the wall where he is the Employee of the Day, Jado inches a bit to the right, opposite of where his Employee of the Day plaque is. Albert is then in his office with Jado and Albert resigns as manager, giving Jado the position, but Jado uses the sleep emoji and falls over, to which Albert takes advantage of and retakes his spot as manager once again. With Albert saying, "you really slept on his opportunity, didn't you!?". Jado then startes using the music emoji in the game, to which Albert thinks is a "whistling tune of defeat".

Albert then finally says, "Guys, this is a song I want you to remember in times of defeat when you're low, just know at his lowest, he sung this song, and got put back to work", in which Albert puts Jado back to work, and gives a player by the name of Dubb5599, a pizza boxer, a bonus check.

In the final moments of the video, Albert goes around the pizza place singing the same tune Jado was singing, Albert then finds Jado once again staring at a wall right next to his Employee of the Day plaque. Albert resigns for the second time as manager to give Jado the position, stating "get that job you always wanted" but Jado says "I quit!!!!!!!!!". He then runs away really fast away from the manager's office.

Albert then is in the delivery room, saying that "we need someone to deliver these", he is then in the pizza boxer room, saying "we need someone to box these", he is then in the kitchen staring at a burning pizza saying, "ok now we need someone to extinguish these".