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INFECTEDskating is an old account Albert used in the video, I made a Roblox "WALK TO THE END FOR ADMIN" game... but messed them up at the end, where Albert in his game,  Walk to the end for ADMIN AND MORE... gives INFECTEDskating admin commands.


In the middle of 2010, Albert made the account, INFECTEDskating. Albert seems to have played on INFECTEDskater on some occasions as INFECTEDskating has several badges and a RObloxian 2.0 pack. However, Albert ended up abandoning the account at some point.

Later, in 2020, Albert would return to INFECTEDskating to use him for a trolling video. Albert had INFECTEDskating become admin to the walk to the end for obby game, where he was given admin by the owner, ZOMBlocko, who was another one of his alternate accounts.

Albert spent the entire video messing up the mobile users who were playing the game and observing the players falling off of the map through a trap in the path close to the finish line. Throughout the entire video, INFECTEDskaking is invisible so the players don't realize that he is an admin, INFECTEDskating only becomes visible when he has INFECTEDskating push a player named ranon08 near the edge after she fell off of the map and went AFK. After a while, Albert logged out of INFECTEDskating and dedicated the rest of the video to do a troll obby.

His next and last appearance is in Roblox SCP break in... as a Class D and for the whole video, he tried collecting bounty by killing other players using a knife, escaping from containment, breaking back in as a Chaos Insurgency, getting arrested and trying to fool scientists that he is a high rank using a disguise kit but to no avail.


  • This account may have been used sometime during the start of Albert's Ro-Skating phase, as many things point it out of being very early.
    • During 2010, the Skateboards feature was released, as well as the Robloxian 2.0, which may have made Albert create an account solely for skating, hence the "skating" part of the username.