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"Your are good, not to to good"

ILikeAUnicorn21 to 01dark01boy01

ILikeAUnicorn21 is a Roblox user who first joined on September 7, 2018, only to appear one of Albert's videos, "This Roblox rap battle really offended me :/" on March 31, 2019.


She was initially shown to be wearing a mix of free items, such as the Pumpkin Fedora, and a couple of purchasable items. She firstly took Alberts attention by commenting on 01dark01boy01's "rapping" skills, saying that he wasn't "to to good." Albert took notice of this, saying "uh oh" as a response for 01dark01boy01. Then, an exploiter "hacked" himself onto the stage, causing ILikeAUnicorn21 to float, causing Albert to question the amount of exploiters in the game. Eventually, she lost the match to 01dark01boy01, as Albert expressed disbelief for her loss. She isn't mentioned after this, as she is only seen in the audience spectating.



  • ILikeAUnicorn's inventory contains many golden football hats.
  • Unlike Darkboy, she was really mean and insulted his mother. But she wasn't good at rapping.

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