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ILOVEARMY2222 is an account Albert used when playing the US Army Academy game.


Roblox private chatting people insults so no one believes them[]

Albert joined the game mentioned above wanting to troll people. When he joined a certain soldier came up to Albert and told him to go inside and that he gives Albert 10 seconds. Albert doesn't comply and gets killed. When he respawns, 3 soldiers start spawn killing him. Albert then changed his username to ILOVEARMY2222. Later he enters training. He started to private message another player insults towards the people who conducted the training. Later, Albert kills everybody and gets killed himself. When Albert spawned, he saw a Soldier on a Segway and killed him which resulted in his body to slide as if he fell off the segway. At the end of the video he gets put in jail.

Being really mean to Roblox noobs :/[]

Albert joins the game da hood and mentions about bypassed audio then gets attacked in the gym area. He pepper sprays the dude then flexes his cash then pepper sprays the dudes friend soon after and some other dude as well. He gets killed by the morons he pepper sprayed and gets stomped.

Albert then finds an uphill noob harassing a sunscreen eater by throwing him off scaffolding multiple times. Albert attempts to pepperspray but missed and he gets stabbed a ton and then when albert dies he lands the pepperspray shot then he gets stomped. After getting stomped by 2 try hard slenders he finds the same noob carrying someone else and throwing them off the scaffolding. He still struggles to pepperspray him then finally he finally lands the shot then the noob gets his body carried after

Albert afterwards gets jumped by some trollers which they did a terrible job at cuz they got peppersprayed then they flee then hide in a house while albert hits them through walls with the bat and pepperspray and then he sends someone to wait and died 4 seconds after she left the house. Afterwards a tryhard stomps him

soon he shoots down a gang that bullied him earlier but spares one. then he attacks them again but dosent stomp any. soon albert finds their house but mid attack he dies from that 2017 moron.


Albert on his ILOVEARMY2222 account, goes on a game called "Spray Paint!". There, he spray paints stuff on walls and explores the areas seeing what other people spraypainted. Around the end of the video, Albert was vandalizing someones inappropriate art. At the end, he sees someone called Maddie drawing a flower. Albert drew a bee flying towards it. Maddie and Albert then smile to each other and he walks away, explaining how he cannot go upstairs because there is too much bad art.