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The ICU Demon (short for "I see you" demon) is the main antagonist of I see you.... It is demonstrated to be a powerful force that can easily stab completely through a Robloxian with only its hands.


The ICU Demon has black skin and wears a black cloak, allowing itself to hide in dark corners. The only thing that would be visible is its face, which has a white mouth with sharp teeth, and red eyes.


The ICU Demon hides and waits for a victim to pass by. It begins stalking them and giving them an uncomfortable feeling. It follows the victim home and waits for them to fall asleep, at which point it will steal possessions such as money or headphones, and leave something to lure the victim. When they wake up, the demon waits until they go close to the bait. When they are about to reach it, the demon will murder the victim with its bare hands and let them hear the phrase "I see you" in their last moments.