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Hypothyroidismbadgrl was an account made by Albert as well as the main character of BEING A BABY IN ROBLOX GOES WRONG. As seen by the username, she had always struggled with hypothyroidism throughout her whole life. She was later seen getting harassed by her own mother, carlita2013, who kept chasing and throwing her around like a football. A man named WonderfulPromyc760 decides to adopt hypothyroidismbadgrl and took her to the park as they were 1 inch away from it. She was then seen swinging too fast on a swing leading her to almost lose her life after flying off the swing. However, Promyc seemed unbothered by it and moved on with his life.

Hypothyroidismbadgrl then decides to move to MeepCity to get adopted by unicornlover7782, a teenage girl living on her own. A man started to laugh at her for a adopting a child at such a young age, but hypothyroidismbadgrl didn't seem to mind that. When moving to unicornlover's house, she sees the portrait of a noob whom she thought was her grandfather. Unicornlover corrects her and says the noob is hypothyroidismbadgrl's grandmother. Hypothyroidismbadgrl becomes scared of looking like her grandmother when she's older and runs away from home. Unicornlover runs after her but is lost when she hid in a nearby lake, thusly losing her completely. Unicornlover was never seen after and hypothyroidismbadgrl gets adopt by papakis6 and cutecadynce, a couple. She then goes to school and was seen catching fuzzies when the teacher, WackyEnesking, sends her a link to see his nudes, however it was a dead link and she never saw his genitals. She later decides to hunt down a woman after she had refused to adopt her. While looking for her, she sees a pianist going wild on his piano and flees the room in fear. Hypothyroidismbadgrl then gets adopted by cool9fox alongside 2 other kids. Cool9fox is then seen spreading her legs to the local toys salesman to get free toys for her children. At first hypothyroidismbadgrl is embarrassed by the act but later realizes the sacrifice. A boy then asks for every kid's attention and hypothyroidismbadgrl decides to listen to him. She gets impatient by him not talking at all and leaves, never to be seen again.



  • Hypothyroidismbadgrl suffers from hypothyroidism, a disorder in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone.
  • She was possibly hacked by Jane Doe as she can be seen on her friend list.