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Hot Anime Babe (Model name Anime Schoolgirl) is a fictional Roblox anime girl character that has been used in many ironic sad or bully stories.


Hot Anime Babe is a tall thin female with white skin. She has blue hair along with some blue eyes and wears a traditional Japanese schoolgirl uniform.


Hot Anime Babe is a Roblox model created by poopfaceekinkai. Hot Anime Babe was first featured in Albert’s video, “eek! this Roblox scary story made me say AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”. The creator of Hot Anime Babe is Ihaveausername (now known as BloxyColaTheif)'s who debuted in the Roblox story game, "Su tart goes to SCP Foundation!".


Hot Anime Babe has died four times in the flamingo channel. In her debut, she gets killed during the battle between Su tart and Green Screen Man. Then in This Roblox sad story is disgusting She gets killed two times by the Anime Hater. Additionally, in Roblox's ANIME HATE games..., She is killed by a noob who presumably hates anime. Her last words were "Please no". Albert proceeds to jump on her lifeless body afterwards.


  • She also appears in the old version of Yandere Simulator.
  • The original model was created by GameAssetStudio named the "Aoi Character Pack" and can be bought on the Unity Asset Store.

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