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Horrid_Night is the owner of The Night Coalition which is an enemy of The Days Union.


Horrid_Night leads his group, The Night Colalition. He is great enemies with Great Day and is more hostile as Horrid_Night is supposed to represent the opposite of The Days Union. He appeared in ROBLOX, The Days Union ASYLUM where he follows Albert whenever somebody is not there and tells him how his night operatives will come and how The Days Union won't be able to protect Albert. However, the person who is touring Albert cannot see Horrid_Night and what he is saying to Albert. Eventually when Albert is at his asylum room, Horrid_Night threatening's Albert of "sacrificing him into the pit" and then threating's to kill Albert. Albert eventually says "I guess I don't really have a choice" and how he disappears after his tourist comes.


  • ROBLOX, The Days Union ASYLUM