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His Roblox girlfriend hated his rapping...



The video is about how Cooldude9992322 and Tay Tay fight over s7398 in the ROBLOX rap battles game. These two guys go into a very entertaining rap battle that Cooldude ends winning. At the next round, giovanigdeadpool and s7398 are up, and s7398 says to giovani how much she loves him, this event makes Cooldude and Tay Tay become best friends.


At season 2, Unicornazop09 is roasting with almost all the words "fat", roasting Midnightstars1286, Cooldude votes Midnightstarts1286, but ended up Unicornazop09 wins(4 - 3). Next one is Azaz98986 and levigamingknightkid. Azaz telling levi that levi is although but wheres the skill, levi replies that hes buff and he gonna hit Azaz in the stomach and says the hes cool so be prepared fool. Azaz replies and says that hes one hit one wonder, levi is down on the floor. Ended up Azaz wins but with much numbers (35 - 5). Albert saids that it makes sense because in the other server. He says that the other people votes Azaz.


While baconhair442266 battles with superpanda01112, baconhair442266 says that shes gonna win, Albert was amazed and says that was good, continues superpanda01112 feels sorry and cant believes. And saying that she will win, baconhair442266 just replies with the word "hi". Superpanda01112 then says that baconhair442266 cant afford Bloxburg because she doesnt have robux. While baconhair442266 just replies with the word "im hungry" may caused baconhair442266 doesnt know how to rap. Ended up baconhair442266 wins (2 - 1).

After that round, Cooldude battles with robloxer22461, Cooldude says that robloxer22461 is a noob. While superpanda01112 rather supports robloxer22461 than Cooldude. Robloxer22461 replies back that the villagers wants the idiots come back, and saying that Cooldude is an idiot and should go to there, continues with just "ooh", Cooldude disagrees and says "STOP", continues that Cooldude says that robloxer22461 hair are noodle, saying that she was a noob. Superpanda01112 talks back that is Cooldude only got. Cooldude continues saying that he was rich, then he talks about robloxer22461's hair for a less seconds. Cooldude said that her hair was like a ramen noodle hair, and continues saying "noodles i share". But superpanda01112 keeps talking back with the word "with a football top?". While Cooldude trying to rap. Superpanda01112 says that was a lie made up by Cooldude and ashumes that hes not rich. Robloxer22461 continues saying the overused word in the rap then saying voldermort are ugly just like Cooldude. Superpanda01112 keeps talking back to Cooldude, superpanda01112 says that is the gold chain is plastic, Cooldude disagrees and says that was a Gold and will k1ll superpanda01112, robloxer22461 continues saying that she runs like flash and Cooldude speaks like trash. Cooldude continues that he got Gold money, and saying that robloxer22461 got old and mold. Superpanda01112 says that the gold chain is fake. Ended up both of them tied. The round starts again. Robloxer22461 starts rapping and says that hes bad and hes sad. Albert pretends that hes sad. Cooldude resetting and saying that he hates robloxer22461. The next round is superoanda01112 VS Cooldude9992322. But ends up Cooldude leaving and the video ends.