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High Heels! is a game that Albert played in the video "ROBLOX HIGH HEELS...".


High Heels! is a game based on the mobile game High Heels! and created by Ricalabell.


Shutdown=Update AH!Are you interessed on heels?Are you wanting to have SOOO much fun during your ROBLOX Gameplay i welcome you High Heels ROBLOX Version!

Inspired by the IOS Game!

Tags: heels,runway,poses,evetric,ancestres,makeup,vip,new,fashion,game,roblox,fun,amazing.


Players choose from a variety of heels that are used to get through an obstacle course, where players must avoid touching any blocks or squares on the floor.

High Heels![]

Update 1[]

First, you can either spawn in a designer building or on the roof of the building. To collect heels you must go inside the building where you get different types of heels, After you get the heels you will find different obstacles such as balancing on thin lines or avoiding walls to get to the runway.

Update 2[]

New Map

First, you will spawn at a place where you can pick heels that have different sizes or shapes and where you can pick the color of the heels.

Then you will have to do 3 stages of avoiding walls, after that you will reach the end where you can strike a pose on the stage or either teleport to a harder map with neon lights and different obstacles such as jumping on neon balls, walking on neon platforms, and etc. In the end of the harder obby, you can get the "Baddie Winner Period! badge", or strike a pose.

Update 3[]

New Icon.


Baddie Winner Period![]

Description : You win this badge if you pass the whole stages and get to the runway! Period! You win admin and group ranks if you pass!

Game Passes[]

Baddie admin! (Cost : 500 Robux)[]

Description : With this gamepass, you get to rule the baddie game and have admin commands! To receive your admin, go on the group wall and say you bought it if you did! Period sisters!

VIP (Cost : 500 Robux)[]

Description : With this gamepass you get access to morphs admin and other future things ! not just that you will be ranked !

Donation (Cost : 1000 Robux)[]

(No description)

Rank Up! (Cost: 200 Robux)[]

(No description)


Niki Minaj - hyperspeed


The Group currently has 10K+ as of 26 April 2021.


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  • The game is based on the mobile app "High Heels" this can be found on the description.
  • The game gained more popularity after Albert's Video
  • There is a glitch while obtaining the "Baddie Winner Period!" making it only have 99 players who own this badge