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Haydentheminecraft is an Roblox player and one of Albert's friends that has made several ironic games.


Just like 0CROWNED and IMakeBadStories, Haydentheminecraft is known for making several ironic sad story games during the Su Tart trend.

He created games such as Su tart Ends his career and DuoLingo Horror Story and, even through those were not recorded in video, Albert has friended him on his main account and placed him in the "Game Makers (play them)" rank in The Flamingo Fan Club Roblox.

Roblox-HTM Show[]

Haydentheminecraft has a YouTube channel called Roblox-HTM show. In all of his videos, he interviews people in the Albert community, such as Temprist and BnxDJ. As of August 10, 2020, his channel is still active and has a total of 345 subscribers.