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hanaandfarah was a Roblox player who had tried to friend a certain girl named Jeminii1234 who didn't want to friend her.


In Flamingo's video, THE ROBLOX WATERPARK, Albert encountered two girls in chat, Jeminii1234 and hanaandfarah, who Jeminii didn't want to friend hanaandfarah because her mother said that it's not safe to friend people, saying that she will be her friend in her heart. Albert, known as iamgarbagesadface in that video, had tried to friend both of the girls. He couldn't friend Jeminii1234, but he did friend hanaandfarah. The girls were arguing over what game they wanted to play after. After Jeminii said to play Adopt Me, hanandfarah said that she is sad that she won't see her again, and then said she was going to die herself. When iamgarbagesadface found both girls, hanaandfarah said that she needs to leave the game, which Albert comforts Jeminii by saying she has him. hanaandfarah then said that she can join him and to her so he can find her, which Albert asserts a power move by unfriending hanaandfarah so that she can't join Jeminii. A long while after, Albert encounters her again, wanting to show his weight gain. He then tells her that he is much sadder and fatter than before. She then says "you are going to be in the small pool because you are small sister", which offends Albert, thinking she is discriminating against him. After he says that he gained weight again, she says "okay bye." He never sees her again.


When she appeared in Albert's video, she mainly had free items, like the face and hair. Today, she looks much different.


Her current appearance.

She currently wears the Squiggle Mouth, shirts and pants that say, Don't Trip (can't see the user's inventory), and Falling Blossoms. She also wears the Woman body.


  • In the video, Albert pronounces her name as han-and-farah, rather than hana-and-farah, not noticing the extra a.
  • She is most likely a fan of MeganPlays, as she is in the group.
  • She most likely got the Don't Trip clothes from the group, "Don't Trip Army!" SO YOU BETTER DON'T TRIP LOL <- this is so unfunny