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Tell me, how do you know my name!?
  —Hakka to Albert  

Hakka701 is a Roblox player that used to make raps at "Roblox Rap Battles".


[NOOB confessed her love for me... IN FRONT OF EVERYONE][]

In the "Roblox Rap Battles" game, Albert tried to date Hakka as a joke with the Coolmario83222 account, but accidentally got her attention. In a Rap Battle against coolkillerguard, she sang about liking Coolmario and how he makes her heart melt ("mouse"), instead of actually rapping.

Hakka then left the game, and Albert decided to go track her down by joining the server that she joined after she left the previous server. He then sees Hakka and a user named kkcuddg rapping against each other.

In her rap against kkcuddg, she starts hating bacons for no reason and disses them in a Rap Battle against another player. Mid rapping, she tells Coolmario to shut up. Once Albert gets on the stage, he says he doesn't like Hakka, and Hakka wonders how he knows her name.

People make WEIRD Tiktoks about me[]

Albert mentions Hakka in the video and talks about her incident. To this day, she still doesn't know how Coolmario got her name.