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Guesty  is the main Antagonist of the game of the same name. He is based on both Piggy and the Murderer role from Murder Mystery 2.


Robloxia city was full of Guests, they were friendly and nice people. However, one day Evil Roblox decided to terminate Guests and almost all of them disappeared. Most of the players were able to get over that, except for one. Guesty somehow survived the guest extinction and decided to take revenge by killing as much players possible.


Guesty is a serial killer from the game Guesty. In the game, 30 seconds after the round begins, Guesty will be summoned and will have to kill all players before they find the exit. There are several guesty skins such as Mrflimflam and female guesty, all of which you have to unlock by opening boxes.

The Guesty game has been played by Albert twice. He first played it on ROBLOX GUESTY... where he was able to win in his second attempt. This was also the same video Albert unlocked the mrflimflam skin on Guesty.


There are a total of four round modes that players can choose that defines how the Guesty character works, here are them:

  • Player: If this mode is chosen, a random player will be turned into Guesty and will have to kill all players. You can also buy gamepasses to increase your chances of being guesty
  • Bot: In this mode, Guesty will be controlled by a artificial bot. This is one of the least voted modes as bots can easily glitch and get stuck in some places.
  • Infection: Everytime a Guesty kills a player, the player will also become a Guesty and will be able to kill other players as well.
  • Bot and Player: Two Guestys will be summoned, one will be a player and the other will be a bot.

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