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Grubby is a species of Bug Type Loomians in the Loomian Legacy Roblox game.


My Roblox Loomian died forever[]

While walking through Gale Forest, Albert battles with the Loomian trainer Kade, and Kade sents a Grubby. Albert states he wants it so bad. After Speep Fat defeats Grubby, Albert catches a Wild Level 3 Grubby off-screen using a 50 Robux Capture Disc (Loomian Legacy's Master Ball) and tries to name it, but since the Roblox Filtering is terrible, his name ends up being "####". Albert can't seem to remember what the name was supposed to be. Albert uses him when the corrupt duskit defeats Speep Fat, and the game forces him to use his last Loomian.


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