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322Grocery Gang is a myth group where people act like companies. Albert first goes to their places in I found a really creepy Roblox group....


Grocery Gang is Roblox Myth group created by Amazook and was parody of a famous company call Amazon. They gained popularity when Albert made videos on them. The Myth group currently retired because of members of group affiliated with myth leaving group.


This is a list of people in the group that are related to myth in order and there ranks.

  • Amazook (owner)
  • 74j (co-owner)
  • Fiddlepat (fiddle of the pat)
  • MICROSOFT_WORDPAD (free shipping)
  • SHIPPING_GUY (free shipping)
  • CHINESE_INTERNET (free shipping)
  • bbungdex (free shipping)
  • TIPPYSHIP (brand)
  • Molotov128 (brand)
  • everyism (brand)
  • 1_AD (brand)
  • indeantechsuport (brand)
  • BoatCompany (brand)
  • saentekloz (brand)
  • mocdonails (fat brand)
  • WOWZA_BUDDY (fat brand)
  • GOOGOL_CHROEM  (fat brand)
  • AloneTraveler (fat brand)
  • GOOGOLE_TRANSLATE (fat brand)
  • GrumpySalt (fat brand)
  • WOKOPEDIA (fat brand)
  • TWlTR (fat brand)
  • BIONICULS (fat brand)
  • sk8rkidawesome (sakterz)
  • slimetoob (sakterz)
  • Egglmart (egg god)
  • Bunch of Egg People (egg men)
  • MrFlimFlam (goOD WOERKER ! !)

Other Members[]

Members that aren't in the group, but have a connection with Grocery Gang.


  • In the group there is a rank named priSONER! and the only person that is in that rank is a person named Amazon, but he is banned any way.
  • Fiddlepat is no longer a part of the Grocery Gang.
  • Grocery gang is no longer active.
  • Grocery gang is gone