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greenlegocats123 (Known on twitter as Lord CowCow) is a Roblox YouTuber known for making documentaries, reviews and announcements about Roblox.


greenlegocats123 is an Roblox YouTuber with 445k subscribers known for making documentaries about Roblox current state, where he talks about scams, roblox updates or glitches in the platform. Most of his videos are 5 minutes long and talk about the new Roblox features and problems, while giving his opinions about them.

He is also known for making trolling videos, Roblox Movies and series such as Bad Grammar in Roblox, Roleplayers in Roblox and his new annual series "Ploxy Awards".

Affiliation with Albert[]

greenlegocats has featured Albert in two of his series. He featured Albert in the fourth episode of "Roleplayers on Roblox" where cowcow, Albert, citizen, ISoToxic and others read and narrated terrible roblox roleplayers's messages and bios.

Albert has also been featured in the tenth episode of "Bad Grammar on Roblox".


  • Albert made a cameo in greenlegocats123's video Roblox TOOK DOWN these UGC items! where greenlegocats used his gameplay as an example of why the oversized UGC items were a problem.