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"He's got the body of a green screen! He can turn into something real mean! But nobody can't see, only Carlito and me! When you look into his eyes, you may not have realized that he was a celebrity!"

Green Screen Man Theme Song.

-The green screen man theme song in a video titled “MADE MY ROBLOX AVATAR GROSS”

Green Screen Man is a superhero created by Albert who first debuts in ROBLOX BUT NOTHING MAKES SENSE...


In the beginning, Green Screen Man was R6 and was seen to be using the lime green color scheme with the Man Head and the Smile face. His second appearance keeps a similar style but with the Man Right Arm, the Man Left Arm, the Man Right Leg, the Man Left Leg, and the Pal Hair. He is also in R15 in the second look. In his final look, he is seen covered in all lime green with the Roundy head and the Pal Face.


His second appearance was ROBLOX BUT IT'S REALLY AWKWARD... where he is seen to be playing two Roblox games called Deathrun and Robloxian Highschool. Green Screen Mans first appearance information can be found above.

His last MAIN appearance was in MADE MY ROBLOX CHARACTER GROSS where he appeared to be playing Robloxian High School in his third form.

After those three videos, he made brief appearances in future uploads.

He appeared in the video ROBLOX SCP FACILITY... where he appeared briefly as an SCP contained in the facility and I became a Roblox TOILET to spy on people where he was mentioned by Albert when he saw a person dead who was green which reminded him of the famed Green Screen Man.


  • Green Screen

Green Screen Man can use the power of the green screen with the help of Speedy2662, as shown in all his appearances.

Green Screen Man has been known to turn into other types of lasagna, as stated by Albert himself.

His weakness is other green objects which disrupts his Green Screen Ability.

  • Gun

Green Screen Man is able to use a gun as his secondary ability. Seems pretty American.

List of Appearances


  • He has 3 songs on him. (All very EPIC)
  • He has his own Roblox account called grenescmeman.
  • He has apparently joined the wiki. His profile can be found here. We don't know if this is Flamingo who made the account, most likely not.
  • In random there will be a person in green and Albert calls it green screen man.
  • The only known villain of Green Screen Man is Paper Bag Man.