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"i love piggy"


GreatfulTomas6283 is an account made by Albert that appeared in I made a FAKE Roblox PIGGY game....


The GreatfulTomas6283 account was created to stop PiggyOFFICIAL_Dev from needing to join, so that he could play without the owner badge giving him unwanted attention. When Tomas enters PIGGY [CHAPTER 10], he begins acting like the game is actually a new chapter of Piggy while it is obviously fake. lilgreenrangerv21 becomes the first user to call the game a scam, but Tomas quickly brushes it aside.

Tomas realizes that the giant Piggies cannot enter the circus tent, so he tries to lure the noobs out of it by saying he knows where a key is. When the noobs don't leave, he resorts to exploding them using admin commands. He calls charlie_brown0503 a "new noob", and mistakenly thinks charlie agreed with what he said.

Later on, more people begin calling the game out. bkcapo15 says, "what kind of piggy is that", to which TheRich_Guy676 replies, "Idk that is not in the real piggy game". Tomas continues acting like it is the real Piggy, by making the excuse that no other game has a carnival map. He also says that the game is in infection mode to explain why there are multiple Piggies. He controls bkcapo to make him get killed by a Piggy, and tries to ban him from the game only to see a popup that tells him he doesn't have permission to do it.

Near the end of the video, he kills reyes275689 and claims that the game is in traitor mode. Reyes says the game copied Piggy, but Albert says that Piggy actually copied the fake game. Tomas encounters Richguy9878, who was wearing a Roblox version of a Flamingo shirt at the time. This served as the perfect transition to an advertisement for Albert's merch. Soon after, Tomas begins playing an incredibly loud and high-pitched version of an iconic audio of Flamingo screaming to make players leave before the game is closed down.


  • "get the keys"
  • "this chapter is difficult"
  • "follow me i know key"
  • "its infection mode"