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"hey girl im singl" - Goop to a group of girls in school.

Goop was a student in Robloxian Highschool created by Albert in NEW ROBLOX AVATAR GETS ME BULLIED


Goop, before his glow up was a large r15 character with a brown hoodie, grey ripped jeans, black shoes, and most notably a large stone-like head with the shaggy hair on top. After his glow up, he became significantly taller, this time missing his hoodie revealing a six pack, and he got camo trousers. He still had the same stone head with shaggy hair, but it was noticeably smaller.


He was seen flirting with multiple girls, attempting to find love, but only was turned down by most of them, except for one. some even calling him ugly, stupid and scary. He then glowed up and became Buff in an attempt to impress the girls, but unfortunately was rejected by all the girls he interacted with. Goop was bullied by a girl, to which he ran away and called his dad. His dad went into the school to confront the bullies where it was revealed that Goops dad killed Goop because he was ugly and he wanted to put him out of his misery.


  • Goops mother is described as a pear although she is never actually seen.
  • He once danced with a girl, but she went away soon after he began dancing.
  • It took Goop 30 years working out to become buff, however the transition to when he became buff says "the following Thursday..." which is obviously less than 30 years