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"ok but why aren't you jumping on me, thats what youre supposed to do"
- Goomba in BREAKING ROBLOX NEWS: SU TART IS BACK...   Goomba is a character from the Super Mario Franchise. He was first seen in BREAKING ROBLOX NEWS: SU TART IS BACK... 


Goomba is a character who debuted in the 1985 game Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Nintendo. He's one of the most common enemies in the game. The player would defeat him by simpily jumping on his head.


  • In BREAKING ROBLOX NEWS: SU TART IS BACK..., Goomba wanted to feel pain from Mario. During Mario's ignorace, Goomba punched him, ending Goomba up in jail.


  • The look of this goomba comes from a video titled "Mario Pissing".