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— GoodPuffer saying "Hello."

GoodPuffer is a Roblox myth that Albert first encounters in A disturbing Roblox hotel room....


GoodPuffer uses the Bright yellow color scheme for his head, arms, and legs but uses the Daisy orange color scheme for his torso. He has the blocky package on Roblox and only wears a T-shirt called Spikey.


GoodPuffer acts like the opposite of his ally, AngeredFish. While they both use incorrect grammar, GoodPuffer (as said by his name) is a good pufferfish and likes most of the inhabits in the place he lives. However, GoodPuffer can get hostile sometimes whenever he is angered by something like AngeredFish and Albert explore a hidden place that GoodPuffer doesn't like until he finds them and chases both of them with a weapon. He also has a hatred for a thing called "cackies."


GoodPuffer is a Roblox myth who appears along with his partner, AngeredFish in A disturbing Roblox hotel room... In the video, Albert explores a myth game called "Ocean Terror" which he plays through along with AngeredFish and GoodPuffer. They show Albert around the place and what the things in the place do until a creature named "BadPuffer" comes during a shutdown and separates them until GoodPuffer and AngeredFish save him. After exploring the place, Albert loses GoodPuffer but continues to go with AngeredFish until GoodPuffer finds them and chases both of them down until GoodPuffer summons back the monster from the shutdown but AngeredFish shuts the server down when the monster gets near Albert.

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