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Goner is a special admin command in Island Life that Albert uses a lot. It originates from BeezelduD's GONER script, and anything portrayed in Flamingo's videos with Goner are not to be taken as official Goners lore unless said info originates from a reliable source (like Beez himself).


Goner is an admin command which is one of the most used by Albert along with Big Daddy. Goner has been featured in a lot of Albert's videos as Albert uses it as a way to kill/scare unsuspected people in Island Life.


  • Slash || Goner has a blade in his hand at all times and is the most common way Albert kills people in Island Life while using the Goner script.
  • Screech || Goner is capable of screeching, said screech will kill anyone that's nearby.
  • Instant KO Move || Goner has the ability to use a one-hit KO move on anyone. It can be used to kill everyone else in the server.
  • Submerge || Goner Delta's movement is rather slow, so he has the ability to sink into the ground and move around at a much quicker pace.
  • Speak || Goner will say something random, these voice lines most likely come from "The Coronation Day", a Super Mario ROM Hack.

Video Appearances[]

  • I used Roblox ADMIN to be a MONSTER in the fog...
  • My Roblox ADMIN turned me INTO A MONSTER... (Debut)
  • With my Roblox admin commands, I TOOK PEOPLE UNDER A GRAVEYARD...
  • I used Roblox ADMIN to make a PET STORE... and I controlled the pets
  • I used Roblox ADMIN to trick noobs with "FREE ROBUX"
  • Roblox admin but there's 100 PEOPLE
  • I used Roblox admin to MAKE IT RAIN FIRE...
  • I used Roblox ADMIN to make them FALL in the ground to be my TEST SUBJECTS..
  • Roblox admin WOULD YOU RATHER... they didn't think it would come true
  • I used Roblox admin to DRAW DISTURBING MESSAGES...
  • Roblox ADMIN heaven or HECK experiment...
  • I used ADMIN to become Roblox Youtubers and was mean to their fans
  • I used ROBLOX ADMIN to become SANTA to kill people...
  • My most toxic Roblox Admin Commands yet...


  • The Goner present in the script is named "Delta".
  • Delta is a combat unit in "The Pits".
  • Delta's ability to submerge himself in the ground likely stems from the fact that's he a humanoid composed of acidic goo.