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Goldity is a Roblox myth known for being the leader of the investigation "Shadelight".


Goldity is known for being as Albert calls, "The puppetmaster of the Shadelight myths". He was relatively barely online until November 10th, 2019 where Albert goes down to the basement with Chuck_Lloyd to meet the guest. Albert found Goldity after a year of never meeting him. They eventually meet him near the Shadelight door with the code for Ulifer. Goldity then starts to talk with Albert about how if he knows whats behind the door and how he needs help for the Shadelight keys. They then inform him to go into Father Grimm's library to learn about Ulifer and go into his library. After the conversation, he leaves the game.



  • His name comes from the fact that his body has Golden-colored parts to it.
    • JohnCult proves it, with him calling it "Golden Thing".