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Glitch (sometimes referred to as GlitchRoblox or GlitchPlaysRoblox or Glitch Rp) is a YouTuber who is known for making Roblox YouTubers sing popular songs and Roblox Piggy gameplays.


Glitch's Profile Picture for Twitter and YouTube has white skin and brown eyes with brown hair that covers most of his right eye with round ears. He is also seen wearing a Yellow hoodie.


The channel was created on January 22, 2018 by the name Glitch Plays Roblox. The channel did not upload a video for about 11 months until December 5, 2018, when Glitch made his first video.


Glitch started his main YouTube account on January 22, 2018, and started his Roblox account one day later on the 23rd. His first video was called Poke Sings Baby Shark - Glitch Roblox made on December 5, 2018. As said in the title, Glitch mashes up some clips of Poke saying the word that fits with the song. His first video on Albert was where he sang Havana on December 25, 2018. It has since gained over 296K views as of February 15h, 2020. Glitch continued to do this tactic and even added a YouTuber named "Hyper" into the mix. It wasn't until the videos called Flamingo Sings Dance Monkey and Flamingo Sings Bad Guy which could both be seen as an improvement from the years. Flamingo Sings Dance Monkey got 1.6M+ views and Flamingo Sings Bad Guy got 1.4M+ views. Glitch was noticed by Albert in the video ROBLOX PIGGY... where he tells his fans to watch Flamingo Sings Dance Monkey and Flamingo Sings Bad Guy. Glitch continues to make YouTuber sing videos as he has over 492K subscribers as of June 9, 2020. In Feb 12 , 2020 Glitch made his first Roblox video called ROBLOX'S TASTIEST RAP BATTLE and it got 674,958 views and his fan ask for more Roblox video and so he staring to make more Roblox videos.


Roblox YouTubers Sings a Song[]

This series is his most popular series. The series is inspired by YouTubers Sing, a popular YouTuber who does the same type of videos. The videos are him finding clips that says the word in the lyrics, such as Baby Shark, Despacito, Flamingo, and more.

List of Appearances[]