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- GiveJisooChicken

GiveJisooChicken was the chill mom of gay, BROSKI, WICKED, and Jeff in the Survivor video with Albert and Kaden.


Taking on the name of "your mum", GiveJisooChicken was part of Team Fumi as the mother of ReignbowDJ, RyeRye_Toast30, Wicked_defined, and madCoolguy456, although for some reason being the wife of ReignbowDJ at the same time. She, in the team, supports the LGBT family, as they constantly speak of the rainbow flag. Having won the first challenge with her team, she and her family weren't voted out in any way, but WICKED did leave after the first challenge. During the second challenge, she complains that she is too old for this, and after they lost, BrotherZlox and BrotherZIox decided to vote on Jeff, one of her family members (gay wanted to keep your mum safe). The family is outraged, and she screams, "MY CHILDREN WILL NEVER DIE", which Albert yells, "KILL JEFF". After what happened, your mum turned against BROSKI, putting her up for adoption, which caused her to turn against her family. After BROSKI won the challenge, the brothers make her part of her brotherhood and she decided to vote for her mean mom. Knowing of her fate, she just says bye bye, and once she is voted off, she stays as part of the jury. Later on, she is somehow able to move around the map and stand in the fire in the next elimination, which Albert and Kaden then question her true power over. She befriends the Brothers and a while after that, the video ends.


Her current avatar.


  • In the video, she appears with free avatars, including a chill face and an Rthro head, with free clothing.
  • Today, she takes on a new different appearance, having a Simple Pattern Roblox Shirt, with a Megumin image on the shirt, along with the Flamingo accessory, the Deal With It sunglasses, and the :] face. The hair and other shadow creature can't be named, as her inventory is inaccessible.


  • "the dog ate my hair"
  • "I'm bi"
  • "LGBT YEY"
  • "I'm too old for this"
  • ":)"
  • ":'("
  • "WAIT OOF"
  • "NO"
  • "I'm putting you up for adoption:'("
  • "you're not my child"
  • "I will #### #### ## #### life"
  • "I lose bye bye"
  • "nope I'm 56 years old"
  • "epic"
  • "I have died"
  • "dont spam I died already"
  • "hi"
  • "I think mine will count"
  • "HAH"
  • "that was I."
  • "shut up"
  • "NOOB"


  • From the video, it is shown that "your mum" is 56 years of age. She would also most likely have been a Flamingo fan by then, based on her appearance and actions.
  • Her username is probably a reference to Blackpink's Jisoo
  • It could be possible that GiveJisooChicken was able to somehow glitch through the game, enabling her to move around when she isn't supposed to, meaning she could stand in the fire and sit with the players later on.
  • She is a member of the Flamingo Fan Club, but also a member of the Flamingo Hater Club too.