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Girlwithabigheart2 is one of the most known accounts created by Albert.


Girlwithabigheart2 is an account used during the AlbertsStuff era who debuted in CRYING TO PEOPLE in ROBLOX. In that video, she takes on the role as a sad girl due to the fact that Gaggirldumbass320 was terminated. In THE HOTTEST GIRL IN ROBLOX, she dates a guy named Tom who painted her from her request. She then breaks up with him for "cheating" on her by going to boho salon to "get a pregnant belly and then telling his boyfriend to join and showing him the pregnant belly, he left her. She then plays Robloxian Waterpark. She also appears in GETTING DUMPED in ROBLOX, where she is told to get out of mhisawesome's house in Roblox High School. She then asks where she could go to the bathroom, which mhisawesome says, "up ya mum". She also meets up with David, who only thinks girls with robux are pretty. He then proceeds to, as Albert said, "put his penis in someone else's butt without asking permission". Despite that, she gladly accepts to go on a date, until he asked if she's a Youtuber. She also meets other boys, but FantasticZachary2016 simply dumps her right after. AdorableDemilovaito then asks her to go to the nurse's office, where she told her that she has cancer and that she is pregnant with a baby. Albert discusses this in another video, which he then tries to find the father of girlwithabigheart2's child. In "THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE GAME IN ROBLOX", a player bothers Albert because of knowing he was recording so Albert stated that she would be retired. The account seems to be now hacked by a fan.