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Girlwithabigheart2 is one of the most well known accounts created by Albert.


Girlwithabigheart2 is an account used during the AlbertsStuff era who debuted in "CRYING TO PEOPLE in ROBLOX". She was created due to the fact that Gaggirldumbass320 was terminated.

In her first appearance, she takes on the role as a girl who is sad because her now ex-boyfriend made sweet love to her dad right after making sweet love to her. This story shocks the people she tells, causing them to run away or be unable to speak. She then asks Zane to make sweet love to her to get revenge on her dad, he accepts the offer, which disgusts her. She then tells MIKE, who responds with an "OK". Girlwithabigheart2 then asks if he wants to make love to her, he immediately leaves the game. Later in the video, she thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her and asks Charlie to attempt to make sweet violent love to him to see if he is really cheating on her, he immediately drives away. She then adopts a kid called Bobby and drops him off of a bridge, he unfortunately survives, so girlwithabigheart2 runs him over instead.

In "THE HOTTEST GIRL in ROBLOX", she dates a guy named Tom who painted her at her request. She then breaks up with him for "cheating" on her due to a misunderstanding. She then plays Robloxian Waterpark, where she asks people if she has a beach body, to no success. She is ashamed of her flabbing fat rolls and doesn't get into the pool.

She also appears in "GETTING DUMPED in ROBLOX", where she is told to get out of mhisawsome's house in Roblox High School, likely due to jealousy of her good looks. She then asks where she could go to the bathroom, to which mhisawsome answers, "up ya mum", this causes girlwithabigheart2 to spray diarrhea all over the floor. She then meets up with David, who "only thinks pepole with robux are hot". He then proceeds to, as Albert said, "put his penis in someone else's butt without asking permission". Despite that, she gladly accepts his offer to go on a date with him, until asked if she's a Youtuber. She also meets FantasticZachary2016, who asks her out, but immediately runs away to get his dick sucked by another girl and a guy, causing a breakup. AdorableDemilovaito then asks her to go to the nurse's office, where she is told that she has cancer and that she is pregnant with a baby.

Albert discusses this later in "PREGNANT in ROBLOX I HAVE A BABY!", in which he tries to find the father of girlwithabigheart2's child. Later in the video the father is revealed to be Julius Cole.

In "THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE GAME in ROBLOX", a player bothers Albert when he was recording because he recognized girlwithabigheart2, so Albert stated that girlwithabigheart2 would be retired. bigbreastedwoman is created to replace her.

The account seems to now have been hacked by a fan and will likely not be returning.


  • girlwithabigheart2 once microwaved her hamster and used it as a wallet