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giovanigdeadpool made his debut in the video "His roblox girlfriend hated his rapping..." and he's the guy that s7398 fell in love with.


giovanigdeadpool is probably a three year old that doesn't know how to spell, because after s7398 decided to tell him that she loves him, he said a very questionable and not understandable sentence.

Even thought he is brainless and probably that hasn't changed in the last three years, he was and actually is a very handsome man.


In the video, giovanigdeadpool was wearing a golden suit, Black Jeans with white shoes, Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People and the Golden Neck Headphones.

This outfit is the one that he was wearing in the video, currently he has changed his style a lot.

He's now wearing the Black Edgar Cut, Frosted City Shades, Edgar (pants), a Duffel Bag, a Polo (shirt) and the Fluffy Black Winter Hood.



giovanigdeadpool saying his phrase

When he started his rapping career, giovanigdeadpool's first opponent was s7398, and when she first saw him, she decided to risk his ongoing relationship with Tay Tay and tell giovanigdeadpool how much she loved him. Giovanigdeadpool's response was "alright so your short right well I think god can't se you then". I've read that sentence more than ten times and I still don't know what he was trying to say.

To this day, no one knows if giovanigdeadpooll and s7398 decided to get in a relationship, but if they did, I hope that it's a very beautiful one.


"alright so your short right well I think god can't se you then"