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giagaga07 (more notably Gigi) was a person in Pika Nomela's group. She was also a victim of the Wedge Head Incident. She appeared in "Roblox admin ruins her.. she'll never online date again".


Gigi was a part of Pika's group. Her best friend is also Kelly. She was first seen with Pika, Ash and Kelly in the water. After Ash "made" the ice, Gigi stood on it and said "dance party", which Albert extended the ice to get her off. She complained about only knowing one spell. She later entered Pika's house. Albert then made it collapse, deleting the house shortly after. Gigi survived but Pika is nowhere to be seen. She later was seen arguing with Neanabod. She also became a victim of the Wedge Head Incident. In which she became Mario Time.


  • She is very friendly.


  • She only knows a basic spell of making snow out of water.