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Get adopted is a game by BirthGiver233. Albert made the game as a horror adoption center with free models, for mobile-only players, to make a video. Albert has spent 10,000 robux to advertise the game.


When you join Get adopted, you will spawn on a grass baseplate with an adoption center. There will be a road and a dark night sky, as well as some houses. In one house, there are dead pigs in the garage, a bleeding washer, a scary mirror, ugly feet, scary women, trash cans, dead bodies, blood, etc. There's also a forest with Jeff The Killer inside. The game features people like Ana_fofa123, BirthGiver233, fatfat123th and more.


  • The game was shut down because Albert didn't want to get banned lol.
  • The game was a joke on Adopt And Raise A Cute Kid, based on the title, thumbnail, and game itself.
  • A second version of the game was created by bLrthgiver233.
    • However, sometime during may, the Get Adopted game got content deleted and blrthgiver233 is currently terminated.
  • One of the free models that Albert used actually contained a virus script.