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Get a snack at 4 am is a game Albert played in Roblox get a snack at 4AM...


You wake up in the middle of the night feeling famished, now you must traverse your home and local neighborhood in search of a good meal.

A re-imagining of my older game, get a snack at 3AM simulator.

version 3.9


When you play, you have to get different endings to beat the game.

The easiest ending is toothpaste, you just go to the bathroom in the house, and get the toothpaste and drink it. Make sure you don't wake up the dad!

The 2nd easiest ending is the orange. You have to go to the kitchen and pick up the orange!

The 3rd easiest ending is sleep. You have to grab the chips and go to your bedroom, then you have to eat them and then get to bed before dad wakes up.



The games 2nd thumbnail.

House Fire - You've set the house on fire!

Perfect Breakfast - Cooking the Egg correctly and placing it with Orange Juice.

Orange - Don't pick up the orange!

Freezer - It isn't a good idea going in the freezer...

Chips - You woke up Dad by eating a bag of chips in The Kitchen!

Toothpaste - You cannot eat toothpaste, that is yuck that it explode you!

Shoplifting - You're not allowed to steal!

Sleep - It is a good idea eating Chips in your Bedroom.

Pergfect Breakfast - Placing the Cooked Egg and Orange Juice in the opposite spots.

Epic Breakfast - Placing the bag of Chips and a Soda of either kind

Decent Breakfast - Placing the Egg without cooking it with the Orange Juice.

Worst Breakfast - Placing Orange Juice and Colgate.

Soda Breakfast - Placing two sodas of either kind.

Almost Breakfast - Cooking the Egg correctly and placing it with a Soda of either kind.

Ugly Breakfast - Placing anything else.

Flooded - You shouldn't get too many Soda's you know?