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GerardApplestart is an account used by Albert in the videos Roblox group offered to pay their workers... then banned us and roblox sad story.


Roblox group offered to pay their workers... then banned us[]

Gerard was made by Albert after he sees an ad on Roblox about a supposed game that gives out robux to those that worked at the group. Albert doesn't want to use mrflimflam due to him believing that the owners of the group will give him robux for being a YouTuber. Because of this, Albert decides to make Gerard to see how the owners would react when a noob asks them about them being paid.

Gerard joins the group called Rosewood Hotels & Resort and, after filling out a small quiz-like-application for the group is hired a trainee. Gerard joins a server of te Rosewood Hotles & Resort with the owner ingJosh and a high ranked person named Davidsawesome327. Gerard gets in a slide but Gerard has to pay 350 robux to be in the slide but Gerard is stuck so Albert has to reset Gerard to escape the slide. Gerard manages to find David and ignJosh, who was looking at the corner in embarrassment. Gerard asks David when he will get paid to which David says he doesn't and explains hot the ads put up about free robux in Rosewood Hotles & Resort were made by Josh and were not real.

Upon hearing this, Gerard yells at David about how he doesn't have any money and the fake ad gave him hope. Gerard goes to the ranks he can buy and Albert wonders if he could be a higher rank than David so he could ban him and free him from Rosewood Hotles & Resort however he is unable to be a higher rank than David and decides not to buy a rank.

Albert ends up making a Discord account for Gerard and had Gerard dm Josh about the ad giving robux. When Gerard asks Josh about the ad, Josh blocks him and bans him from the Rosewood Hotles & Resort game.

Roblox sad story[]

Albert decides to on several Roblox "sad story" games as Gerard due to him being too famous as he "just wants to cry in peace". Albert first joins a sad story game made by star_girl088 where a girl named Lily get bullied by three girls, one of the girls, Candy, for some unknown reason, has her head seperated from her body. Later on during the "sad story" Gerard randomly gets the hair Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People for no reason at all. At the end of the "sad story", Gerard asks star_girl about what happened with Lily (the girl that got bullied) and David (the boy who stood up for her) and the bullies to which star_girl reveals that David and Lily got married after sixteen years and that the bullies got arrested for sealing a store.

Gerard later join another Roblox sad story which is shown to have a bad storyline which makes it seem like a troll game or a game made by a young kid and, after looking at the creator's profile is unsure. 

Gerard then joins another Roblox sad story which revolves around a girl named Hellan Rossana who was accidently killed by three girls bullying her.

Gerard joins a final bully story which revolves around Poke, when Poke is shown as a baby in the story, Gerard takes his teddy bear and accidently kills Poke's mother with an explosion, upon using the "weapon", Albert unintentionally breaks the server and rejoins. The sad story ends with Poke no longer being bullied due to being famous on YouTube.

Gerard was then left inacive by Albert since


  • Albert made a Discord account for Gerard so he could remain hidden. Albert has not made a Discord account for any other known account.