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"-takes ohh pepperonii" -gamer_coolgirls


She appeared in the video USING ROBLOX ADMIN COMMANDS TO BULLY PEOPLE as a newborn baby girl named Savannah

She was introduced in Adopt and Raise a Cute Kid in the chat by saying "-takes ohh pepperonii". 

Albert goes in gamer's house wearing a "police" (Possibly he bodyswapped someone) outfit because of that message, he tried to take off some lipstick on the family cat using his knife but he accidentally killed it, then, bodyswapped Savannah's mother, angle_bunny123 and killing the real one.

Savannah thought Albert was her real mother and followed him into a secret compartment under the stairs.

Under the stairs Albert told the truth that he was a kidnapper, while using the kidnap command.

Albert, thinking he made a mistake, kidnapped himself.

It is unknown when and where she died.