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Gamelame Studios is a controversial game development and game management company on Roblox. They help other creators with monetization of their games, development support, helping creators with marketing and other things that are desirable to other roblox creators. Here are some of the games that fall under Gamelame: Twilight Daycare, Maple Hospital, Car Dealership Tycoon, Funky Friday, Sonic Speed Simulator, Military Tycoon and a lot more.

Albert has beef with Gamelame stating that he hates the company.


On December 9th 2022, Gamelame Studios sent a tweet about their game, Funky Friday having collabs with several games in and outside of the roblox platform. Naturally, the developers of Friday Night Funkin were not happy about this and started talking about "consolting this situation with lawyers" . Friday Night Funkin ended up not suing Gamelame Studios.

On December 11th 2022, a twitter user named 'Digital Purgatory' came out with his experience with Gamelame Studios in a form of twitlonger stating that Gamelame is a predatory company that tries to make the Roblox site a Monopoly by buying out other games and intergating them into their company, whilst underpaying their employees, basically saying that he was a slave to Gamelame. Gamelame's response to this statement was in many peoples opinion the worst response that they could have made, basically disregarding everything that Digital Purgatory said by saying "we are actually a great company, that does this and that." After Gamelame's response, another person named 'Alice🌸' has made another Twitlonger coming out with her experience in Gamelame, also saying how Gamelame underpays their employees and when she reached out to human resources about her problems, Gamelame fired her for 'leaking company secrets.'

Myths and Speculations.[]

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  • Albert speculated that Maple Hospital is trying to get out of the Gamelame contract by adding strange updates like: cancer, baby bump or my water broke!