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Gaggirldumbass320 is an account that Albert used in ONLINE DATING in ROBLOX (RICH EDITION).


Similar to the other accounts Albert made for the ONLINE DATING in ROBLOX series, he used this one to find a boy. However, unlike the other times, he gets Robux on this account and creates the accounts current appearance. She eventually joins Life in Paradise and tries to get a boyfriend but is unsuccessful. She eventually joins Apocalypse Rising to try to get a boy there. She is then shot at multiple times but eventually kills all them until she is shot at by an unknown person and dies. She then goes to Roblox High School to get a boy when she finds one named "Zach." After gaggirl ask Zach if she can be his gf, he accepts it. She then brings him to the bathroom to "start the relationship strong." However, after saying something pretty disgusting, Zach declines to do it and gaggirl breaks up with him. She then goes back to Life in Paradise and says "123 for a hot gf with a pregnant belly," but nobody is seen saying 123. Near the end of the video, it is revealed that gaggirl gave birth to a baby due to her pregnant belly. However, she brings the baby and drowns herself with it. Also she seems to have to become pregnant by an unknow source


It is revealed in CRYING TO PEOPLE in ROBLOX that gaggirldumbass320 was terminated on June 4th, 2016. In the video the moderator note says that the username was inappropriate.

The account can be seen here