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Gaeloptu info[]



Gaeloptu shows up in "I used roblox ADMIN to make a TERRIBLE store..." He is shown walking into the door and says "What the heck" after Albert tells him to "come closer" he says ok and walks into the store, then he is told to "pick a person to kill" he then says "How do you know what the heck is going on". He then resets and returns to the store with his actual avatar Albert then sees him after he opens the doors and says "oh, okay nevermind I don't want that thing anywhere near me." then he questions his actual avatar without the accessories, then he goes to the side of the building, he then reappears after Albert is about to kill luke, he then uses a rocket which blows up in the store, causing one of Gaeloptu's arms to fall off, Albert attempts to add it back on but then it falls into the void. He later reappears in the next scene with the name "Max" waiting in the line of Die Mart and follows Albert, then when he comes back, luke tries to get Albert to kill him, but Albert didn't let him because he was one of his "customers". He then walks out of the store and lags and flies forward and comes back in and says "I got" and then he says ":(" in the chat, this was his last appearance in the video.