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GAMING QUIZ FOR FREE MONEY AND ADMIN is a Roblox game created by pregboy222, who is controlled by Albert/Flamingo, for his video, I made Roblox's most disturbing quiz. The main theme of the game is hyper-realistic versions of the fictional characters that he chose for the game.


In the game, you can start off by choosing to morph into a person's avatar (although that doesn't work). There is a sign that says "guess the gaming characters" implying their connection to games. The first image is Spongebob, which is shown through a sponge, eyes, a mouth, and legs. The second image is Sonic, looking like a rat with long legs. Luigi, the third image, is a person who looks like him, with clothes and limbs. Mario is only a person in real life that looks like him, with a Winning Smile face. Image #5, Pikachu, is an egg with the face of Pikachu, as well as a re-enactment of the Civil War at the bottom. Peppa Pig, the sixth image, is a pig with human limbs and a pig tail. Image 7 is a human face with a stretched out mouth to resemble Pac-Man. The eighth image is Patrick, which is a crying starfish. The final image is a tooth-like human with goggles to represent an Among Us character. After that, your walk speed is slowed down and you can collect badges and "admin", which doesn't work. The ending can't be reached as you have to make a jump which can't be possible at the current speed the player would be in.

*There is no description*


  • The morph mean to turn you into a girl, is non-functional and simply turns the morph into your avatar and name.