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funmanhasfunwoohoo is an account used in ROBLOX DESERTED... and Roblox DON'T TOUCH


funmanhasfunwoohoo is an alternate account that Albert used in two videos, ROBLOX DESERTED... and Roblox DON'T TOUCH. In his first appearance, he plays a new game by Sharkbyte Studios called "Don't Touch." It was similar to the game that Albert played in Roblox don't press the button... where if they pressed the button, something happens, such as a mini-challenge. After playing a few rounds in the video, it eventually ends. funmanhasfunwoohoo reappears in the video ROBLOX DESERTED... where he plays through a story game similar to Camping. He tries to get into a game twice before making it into one, and dying on an obby. He retries the obby and succeeds. Later into the game, he is given the choice to Shoot or Not Shoot one of the characters. He chooses not to but some unknown person shoots her instead. He then beats the game, gaining the Good Ending. The video then ends.


  • Roblox DON'T TOUCH.


He wears only free items and the (old) default male bacon hair outfit. His skin is Institutional White and he wears Pal Hairthe Blue and Black Motorcycle shirt, Dark Green Jeans, Smile, Man Head, Man Left Leg, Man Right Leg, Man Right Arm, Man Left Arm, and Man Torso.


  • In ROBLOX DESERTED..., funmanhasfunwoohoo had difficulty getting into a bus. First he was disconnected from the game, and then he was on a bus by himself. On his third bus, he found a bus with people in it and he did not disconnect.
  • When Albert reads his name out in ROBLOX DESERTED... he does so in a childlike highpitched voice.
  • In the video Roblox DON'T TOUCH. at 3:42, funmanhasfunwoohoo is shown to have a yellow name in chat. Putting his username into the game Username Color Previewer, (which has been accurate in the past), this information still holds true. Based on this, it appears funmanhasfunwoohoo has a yellow username in chat.
  • At the end of Roblox DON'T TOUCH., funmanhasfunwoohoo drops a grappling hook he tried to give to other players into the void.

All Quotes Caught On Video[]

Each quote here is one that was typed into the ROBLOX chat with the account funmanhasfunwoohoo in either ROBLOX DESERTED... or Roblox DON'T TOUCH.

'        'Roblox DON'T TOUCH.

  • ".shuty up"
  • "KILL"
  • "hey"
  • "touch the spike"
  • "jump off"
  • "do it"
  • "you are my enemy"
  • "YOU DIED"
  • "I DIDNT"
  • "TAILS"
  • "U BULLY"
  • "do you want this"
  • "its so expensive... but if you ask nicely ill give it"
  • "ask nicely"
  • "it does epic"
  • "best item in the game"
  • "want it"
  • "i can give theres a donate"
  • "option"
  • "look at me one last time."

        ROBLOX DESERTED...​​​​​

  • "im so scare"